Podcast #1

Radio Free Raytown is my podcast. The episodes are short enough to get through on a drive through town or what not, as nobody really needs 80-minute podcasts. (You end up only getting 15 minutes into them anyway.) Listen and enjoy. I have cherry-picked the best just for you.

In Episode 1…

  1. Oh Blessed Thought – The Revisionist Story
  2. The Jen Say Kwahs – Simmy’s In a Burrough
  3. Altair Nouveau – Destroyer
  4. Anything Box – Living In Oblivion (Slow Mix)
  5. The Seventy-Sevens – A Lifetime Without You

Thanks for listening.

Radio Free Raytown Episode 1 – 6/26/09

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #1

  1. Brandon says:

    Great job, really enjoyed every track played.

    You were dead on with the parallel between Altair Nouveau and Giorgio Moroder. Do you own From Here to Eternity? That is a great summer album.

    Next podcast you need to step it up though and include at least seven songs. 5 is a bit of a tease even with it being the introductory podcast.

    keep it up my friend. looking forward to more.

    • Jonathon says:

      Of course I have From Here to Eternity. And I’m not budging too much on length. It might go to a half hour, but I want it to be something you can listen to over and over. You know, something you’ll easily be able to listen to over your lunch break or during a workout.

      I’m such a tease.

  2. TheCMS says:

    Wow. That 77s song nearly makes up for the past ten years of mediocrity and plain WTF-ness. I mean, that recalls the glory years of 1987-1991. Wow. WOW!


    • Jonathon says:

      I’m with you on that. When they decide to write pop songs, they are the best. I think that tune’s the best since “Ache Beautiful.” (Although I am also a huge fan of “Dig My Heels.”)

      I do like some of their recent stuff, but it’s more as guys doing reclamation of old blues and gospel. It reeks of un-creativity and just trying to fleece the flock, but remember Roe has played this kind of music all his life. (It’s just that he incorporated it into pop tunes.) To me, it seems way more legit than 99.9% of cover bands out there, but I still long for another Island record or even The Boat Ashore.

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