And the sailors, they strike poses…

I’ve been on a Neil Halstead kick this weekend, listening to his latest solo album three times and Slowdive’s Souvlaki once. This morning, I pulled out Mojave 3’s Puzzles Like You. What brilliant power pop! (Is “Just A Boy” a fantastic attempt at writing a Jetenderpaul song or what?)

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Halstead must listen to exactly the same music as me, from shoegaze to power pop to soft acoustic stuff. (He did, afterall, rip the melody to a Damien Jurado song on his first solo record.)

Anyway, I was thinking about how great it was to see him in Lawrence during my spring break this year. It was a perfect performance, with Barclay Martin opening and only about 15 people in the audience. The highlight for me was seeing him do Slowdive’s “Alison,” one of my all-time favorite songs. (I was just sure he wouldn’t pull out any Slowdive songs because they’re so old. I guess I was wrong.)

So I stopped by Mojave 3’s website and found a live recording of him performing the song at his stop in Chicago on that tour. Check it out.

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2 thoughts on “And the sailors, they strike poses…

  1. DJG says:

    mr. smith…it has been a long while. i stumbled upon your lovely site yesterday. and i then stumbled upon the fact that i’m a bum for not knowing that neil halstead came close to home. something told me to put on “ask me tomorrow” yesterday morning before the message was relayed to me via your words, some months later after the show…anyway, i bet the show was great and extremely great being that he played “alison”! though, it’s sad that only about 15 people made it out. thanks for supporting. take care. -djg

    • jandksmith says:

      It has been a while. It seems I’ve been around Kansas City long enough to move in and out of and sometimes back in people’s lives. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something that will inevitably happen if you’re around people long enough. Thank goodness for the internet so we can stay connected, though our paths may part.

      The Halstead show was great. I’m sure it was in an attempt to differentiate his thick, full sound with Mojave, but he played with just a bassist and another guitarist. It would be the best, most intelligent OC/Juno music, if people had a clue.

      Good to hear from you!


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