Episode #3

I set out to make these shows a weekly habit. Since it’s summer and I have more time to work on them, here is the next show–short, concise and digestible–and a few days early.

  1. Deastro – Tree Frog
  2. St. Vincent – Actor Out of Work
  3. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
  4. Burning Hearts – Sea Bird
  5. Ester Drang – Grave Mistake

If you like any of these artists, buy all of their albums. You will not be disappointed. (Know that Deastro’s glorious album, Keeper’s, is only available digitally.)

Radio Free Raytown Episode #3 – 7/15/09

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2 thoughts on “Episode #3

  1. Buckley says:

    Hey I found your blog! I love Tree Frog!

  2. jonandkaty says:

    Yes! Deastro gets a lot of play at my house. (Although mostly on my computer. I don’t know what that really says about his music, but that’s just when I seem to be in the mood for his stuff.)

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