‘Tis the week of Half Price Book Store’s crazy coupon sale. I went old school and grabbed some stuff for cheap, spending a toal of $16.

  • Plankeye – Commonweath (We had this on tape but never got it on CD.)
  • Lewis – Even So
  • Pet Shop Boys – Alternative
  • Van Hunt – Van Hunt (I already have this CD; it was for a friend.)
  • Oh Blessed Thought – Sweep the House
  • Blenderhead – Prime Candidate for Burnout
  • Various Artists – Starball Contribution

I think the best part about my day was when I returned home and showed Katy what I had bought. I’m sure you’d be hard-pressed to find a girl who knows about all of this stuff (and can even talk about seeing Lewis in concert). Even in the smallest things like this, I am constantly made aware how fortunate I am to be married to her.

All meetings should be this fun.

All meetings should be this fun.

There has been a flurry of activities around here. In addition to my ongoing job search, I have been preparing questions for interviews with Ronnie Martin and with Doug Burr. I am conceptualizing an show of LP art. I have been asked for an interview with a reporter from The Raytown Post. I have poured through some of my favorite Sonic Youth records in preparation for tomorrow night’s show at the Uptown Theatre. I have also been brainstorming with friends about ideas to promote this site over a ridiculously-huge and greasy pizza. Obviously, there will be more on all of this stuff in weeks to come. In the meantime, the content will continue to flow.


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