I have started a Flickr account for Radio Free Raytown and posted pictures from this past week.

One set is from the Sonic Youth concert on Saturday. I didn’t have room in my concert review to post all the pictures we took, so they’re all up on Flickr for your perusal. And yes, we were really that close. (Apparently people would rather skip the opening band they know nothing about, show up late and end up sitting toward the back.)

Another set features pictures of Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, currently under construction in downtown Kansas City. Although I hate the idea of building something new when we already have a few places in downtown for an orchestra to play, the new performing arts center will actually give room to performers room backstage. My sister used to sing in the Kansas City Symphony Chorus, and she would always complain about how cramped the space was. (Of course, none of us could have known that from our seats.) Speaking of seats, I also anticipate better seating–you know rows that would allow a person over 4’8″ to have legroom.

The third set is a collection of pictures that feature my friend’s artwork. Brandon Briscoe is currently showing work at Benetti’s Coffee Experience, and I sought to capture bits of his work in a somewhat creative fashion.

On another note, since I moved my USB turntable, I’ve been doing a lot more transferring LPs to MP3s recently. I thought I’d post this song for a limited time (until I get busted). It’s the B-sides to Sonic Youth’s 10-inch EP, 100%. They are the two songs back-to-back, “Genetic” and “Hendrix Necro.” Dig them while you can.

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