Episode 7: Take It Easy

radio free raytown jonathon smith recording

Picture by Denny Medley (Random Photography)

So here we are–another week, another mind-blowing episode. When you think that it was recorded during our week of constant rainstorms, the music selection starts to make sense.

  1. Mark Olson and Gary Louris – Turn Your Pretty Name Around
  2. Jackson Browne – Take It Easy/Our Lady of The Well
  3. Peter Green – Apostle
  4. Map – Killing People on the Television

I’m rather excited about the next week or so for the site. I’ve got several posts planned, from my first album review to  my first feature/discussion of album artwork. Keep your eyes peeled.

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #7 (8/21/09)

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6 thoughts on “Episode 7: Take It Easy

  1. Jonathon says:

    I tried several times to insernt a link to Denny’s site, but it never worked. Here it is.


  2. Shane says:

    The lap steel on JB’s rendition of Take it Easy definitely does add a lot to the song. However, I agree with you on Jackson Browne as a whole – boring.

    Ready for the Flood – best record of 2009

  3. Ben says:

    Is the JB track you shared a transfer from vinyl? It sounds like it is. What percentage of songs in your first seven podcasts would you guess are vinyl transfers, and are there some songs that would cause you to choose the transfer over the digitally remastered version?

    • Jonathon says:

      Yes, the Jackson Browne is from vinyl. In fact, the Peter Green cut is, too.

      I have played 38 songs so far. Four have been transfers from LPs.

      The issue is typically one of practicality for me instead of sound quality. For instance, I don’t have Browne’s album on CD, so the transfer was the only way to go. (You probably wouldn’t believe it, but I have very few albums in more than one format.)

  4. Paul Keleher says:

    Beautiful song from the Jayhawks duo. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jonathon says:

      That new record is good, but about a third of the album is probably filler. When they deliver, like in “Turn Your Pretty Name Around,” it’s glorious.

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