R.I.P. The Raytown Post

radio fee raytown post

Last year, Ben Felder wrote an article about an art show I was involved with at Benetti's.

About a year ago, Ben Felder  contacted me to write a column in The Raytown Post about music.  I called the column Radio Free Raytown.  He left things very open-ended and allowed me to write about anything and edited very little.

Yesterday, the paper announced it was ceasing operations.  Felder and Jason Whittaker bought and overhauled the paper.  Sure, I would regularly find typos, but it was essentially one guy writing the paper.  And trust me, it was a completely different paper from The Raytown Post of my youth.  When I was growing up, I could count on the paper to be the place to get opinions from the cranky old dudes.  The transformation was huge.

Through my column in The Raytown Post, I realized there might be an audience for a website like this.  People I didn’t know would approach me about a recent column I had written.  I would have never guessed some of these people even enjoyed music.

In every scene, there are those guys who stick it out for a while.  I think of uber-obscure labels like Republic of Texas Recordings or Absalom Recordings, that released a few great albums with quality artwork and then folded.  Felder and Townsend will be remembered like that.  I hate to minimize their efforts to a brief mention in some conversation, but realize that what they did is the essence of punk.

To me, being a footnote in our town’s history is no small deal.  Nobody else stepped up and revamped the paper.  They tried, and that was huge.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. The Raytown Post

    • KSmith says:

      I agree. As much as I have had a love/hate relationship with The Post, I am very sad to see that it is going out of business. It was not perfect, but it had shown a lot of growth and improvement in the past year, and I was hoping they would survive. Hearing this sudden news is disheartening because Raytown needs a newspaper, there is nowhere else to find information about our community, and this will leave a huge hole.

      To those at the paper, thank you for what you attempted. I am sorry to see that you will not be able to continue your efforts. The paper will be missed.

      The journalist in me is grieving the loss of yet one more newspaper. I hope something else comes along.

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