Episode 9: The pleasure zone

Katy and I are going to the land of milk and honey Ohio and Kentucky for almost a week, so there will not be an episode next week.  But that time off will give me an opportunity to plan out the next episode.  You see, I want to take suggestions for that show.

For every tenth episode, I have decided to do a themed show.  Please leave suggestions for episode ten in the comments portion of this post.  I will consider any idea, but please refrain from the trite (love, peace, abortion) or the absurd (make it sound like a jar of dill pickles).  The more creative you are, the better the results will hopefully be.

This week, I pulled off the gloves and made my best mix yet.  Hopefully you have room to dance in your cubicle.

  1. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – If You Leave (1986)
  2. New Order – Perfect Kiss (1985)
  3. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (Vince Clarke remix – 2009)
  4. Radiohead – Blow Out (1993)
  5. The Violet Burning – We Close Our Eyes (2001)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode Nine (9/5/09)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 9: The pleasure zone

  1. Chad Toney says:


    Sad Bastard
    The Answer Is No
    Foot In Mouth

  2. Brandon says:

    Dialog Songs (songs that are conversations)

    Baptism (by Immersion) or
    songs that sound like they were recorded underwater.

    Tongue and Cheek Patriotism

    The Ridiculous Celebration of Alcoholism

    Songs by Half-Handed Cloud

  3. Ben Helt says:

    I’d like to second Brandon’s Tongue and Cheek Patriotism.

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