Fall sounds.

Autumn has arrived.  The equinox was last week, but the grey skies and noticeably cooler temperatures hit today.  This is my favorite season for music; it’s when all those Manchester and 4AD bands really make sense.

My favorite fall album always changes, but this week, it’s been The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Darklands.

What are your favorite fall albums?

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3 thoughts on “Fall sounds.

  1. Brandon says:

    Five Leaves Left – Nick Drake, Sea Change – Beck are two easy ones that make me think of fall. also anything by Billy, Nina, Ella, Sarah or Dinah sound good this time of year.

  2. KSmith says:

    One obvious choice is Fall Sounds by Velour 100. I love that record, but especially on crisp days when the leaves are all orange and things are getting brown.

    Also great is September Of My Years by Frank Sinatra. It’s very cool and melancholy at times, but with a few upbeat moments.

    Just about anything by Denison Witmer is nice in the fall, but I tend to go for Safe Away and Philadelphia Songs most during the autumn season.

    Also nice is Let It Come Down by James Iha. It’s very sweet and is a lovely listen on days that look like the album cover.

    And I’m with Brandon, classic female vocalists cannot be beat. Give me some smoky ballads by Sarah Vaughn on a fall night and that’s heaven.

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