The fine line twixt evangelism and optimism.

radio free raytown herbie hancock headhunters

Herbie Hancock's mind-blowing jazz/funk fusion album, Headhunters

On one hand, I am an evangelist.  On the other hand, I am just an opitmist.

Sure, there are lots of bands I think more people need to get hip to, but I am also confident that plenty of folks in Raytown are already into good music.  They don’t listen to (commercial) radio or talk much about their favorite albums from 30 years ago, so they’re not among the counted.  (Worse yet, people my age don’t talk much to them because they can’t be into cool music, can they?)

I knew that when I started this site and Benetti’s started spinning vinyl, these guys would eventually come out of the woodwork.  Case in point: Richard Coy.  I stopped by the store to get Katy a drink for her ride to work, and Richard hands me a stack of vinyl, including Herbie Hancock, Earl Klugh, Herbie Mann and Charles Mingus.  (Yes, Mingus!!)  Now, we have to be selective about what gets played, in case someone just wants to dump off all of their grandmother’s waltz records, but I already know where his tastes lie.  This stack clearly represents some of his passions in the 70s.

I think it’s easy to boo-hoo people’s tastes as too mainstream, but I abhor that kind of thinking.  Good music is good music, and I’ve spent many, many hours with Hancock (especially his albums Speak Like a Child, Headhunters and Thrust), just as I have with lesser-known jazz artists like Sahib Shihab.

So I spent some more time with Hancock and friends this morning.  Thanks, Richard, for sharing.


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