Episode #17: Monkey Gone to Heaven

I didn't have the foresight to take a picture of Recycled Sounds before it closed, so I found this picture on flickr by Brett Wilms.

Have you ever tried to understand a friend by meeting that friend’s relatives and friends?  I invariably remark, “Oh, that’s where so-and-so got that saying” or “That makes sense now that I met so-and-so’s brother.”

Yesterday was like that for me, as I attended Anne Winter’s funeral.  I first knew her through her work as owner of Recycled Sounds, then I saw her in action at the International Association of Assessing Officers, as my wife’s boss.  (I remember her coming home from the interview, excited that the lady who just interviewed her knew all about the magazines for which she had done freelance work.  That was for good reason; Anne sold Copper Press, Bandoppler and Paste in her store.)  I knew Anne was involved in the community, but I had no idea the many, many things she did until the past few days.

At any rate, Episode 17 is in memory of Anne.  All of the music is from albums I bought at her store.  As I think on her funeral, I realize how this show only represents a very small piece of who she was. I guess I shouldn’t apologize.  Anne would have loved to hear this show.

  1. The Boo Radleys – Upon Ninth and Fairchild (Giant Steps 1993)
  2. Trans Am – Let’s Take the Fresh Step Together/I Want It All (Red Line 2000)
  3. Jud Jud – side two of No Tolerance for Instruments 1988
  4. Ugly Duckling – Fresh Mode (Fresh Mode EP 1999)
  5. Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven (Doolittle 1989)

I should also mention that the background songs, “The Jaunt” and “Survival of the Freshest,” are taken from Poets of Rhythm’s 2001 album, Discern/Define (also purchased at Recycled Sounds).

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 17 (10/28/09)

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3 thoughts on “Episode #17: Monkey Gone to Heaven

  1. Aubrey Branch says:

    A fitting tribute, John. Thank you for the music. I know Anne is up there screaming, “then God is seven, then God is seven” along with the rest of us…

  2. Buckley says:


  3. […] We had another tough moment this year with the death of Anne Winter, Kate’s boss, on October 22nd. Anne committed suicide, and for the first time many people (including co-workers) learned she had been bi-polar and battled depression for a number of years. She had been able to keep it hidden quite well, so her death hit very hard because it was so unexpected. Anne was loved and respected by everyone who knew her, and there’s not space here to go into what she meant to us. In addition to being Kate’s boss (and a great one), she had owned a record store and befriended Jon years ago, always encouraging him in his music and recommending new things to listen to. Jon did a Radio Free Raytown show in her memory. You can listen to it here. […]

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