Episode #18

Sam Billen, doing his Sam Bean impersonation

Our sixth anniversary was last weekend, and we spent last Friday night in Topeka to celebrate.  While there, we went to Sam Billen‘s release/listening party at a bohemian furniture store Friday night and hung out with his brother, Dan, and family on Saturday (stopping at a sweet Mexican joint and a thrift store).

Sam released a couple solo albums while the band he formed with his brother, The Billions, was alive and kicking.  Now that the band is finished (playing its final concert earlier this year), he’s continued doing solo work with this new release on The Record Machine.

Anyway, enjoy the show.

  1. Sam Billen – The Garden (Headphones and Cellphones 2009)
  2. David Byrne & Brian Eno – Strange Overtones (Everything That Happens will Happen Today 2008)
  3. TV on the Radio – Golden Age (Dear Science 2008)
  4. Autolux – Sugarless (Future Perfect 2004)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #18 (11/6/09)

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One thought on “Episode #18

  1. Brandon says:

    I have to say I really like Sam Billen’s the Garden. His solo work has always required and investment from me. There is something unique about this song in that it hit me and stuck in the first listen…very good song. Beautiful as usual.

    I wanted to mention that I could actually see some justification for TRM’s “Sufjan” reference (other than trying to sell hella records). About halfway through the song he does this staggered harmonizing that was reminiscent. I certainly don’t think that type of vocalizing is limited to Sufjan Stevens though (ie. Brian Wilson & almost every 70’s R&B vocalist).

    I actually think that Sam’s voice and style of singing is very much his own. It makes me think of the rhythm of a boat on a placid lake – little wavering, little wake but definitely soothing. All of his music is very linear whether there is a traditional resolution or not. His music is so personal it is hard for me to feel comfortable comparing.

    By the way, are you sure that wasn’t Stephen Malkamus that was in the studio with Autolux?

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