Foodies and Letterpresses

Rockin' the elementary schoolteacher sweater!

I have a few things to discuss before I post episode 20 tomorrow.

Tomorrow night, Benetti’s is holding an ugly sweater contest.  I’m providing the sweet Christmas dance music for the runway as contestants strut their stuff.  I also provided the photograph that all of Raytown has come to know over the past month.

Because we all need more blogs to follow, I have to tell you about Frontyard Foodie.  Our friend, Diana Par-Due, recently began it to talk about gardening and good food.  No, it’s not really music-related, but she’s part of the community (her husband is one of our aldermen) and has decent taste in music (dig the picture of her Guaraldi LP).  Plus she talks about me.

I’m starting to get to know this dude, Bob Atkins.  He runs Sylab Letterpress in North Kansas City.  The first time I visited his shop, he was playing New Order Echo and the Bunnymen (If my memory serves me, the songs were “Perfect Kiss” and “The Killing Moon.”)  Not only does the dude run a sweet business, making menus and business cards that should be considered art, but he also listens to cool music.  Anyway, he got me hip to another blog, The Never-Ending Internet Mix Tape.  You have no business saying you like music if you don’t check out that blog.

The Sexy Accident is giving away free Christmas singles, featuring a sweet remix of “Merry Christmas to You.”  Look for them at your favorite record store, ask me for one.  We’re also playing a Christmas show at Prospero’s at 10pm on December 19.  Anyone up for some Miami Ice before the show?

I got an e-mail today about this reception I need to attend.  The MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center Gallery is holding an End of the Semester Student Art Show Reception on Monday, December 7th from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Again, not necessarily music-related, but cool as heck.

I’m working on some things.  Episode 21, a write-up about Earwaxx Records (you can already see the pictures on Flickr) and a Sam Billen interview.  The next few weeks will be great, especially since I’m quitting my Pizza Hut job and will have more time to blow people’s mind with this site.


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