Lots of Untitleds

So my friend, Brandon Briscoe, has a blog featuring some of his paintings.  My favorite one on the site is this, untitled pieceThis one would be a close second.

Because I make music, I think of painting a picture like writing a song and putting together an art show like recording an album.  (I know the simile breaks down in many places, but it works for me.)  To that end, when I see a dude with tons of his work up to see for free, I feel he is really baring his soul.  Sure, the paintings are not full-size, but you’re still seeing the results of a significant amount of work over the past year or so.  Even more intriguing to me is to think about how many failed experiments with color or sketches he must have gone through to get to what he’s got on the blog.

As an artist, I value the process.  Being judicious about what you leave out of a painting or a song is almost as important as the piece itself.

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