Episode 25: Mind relaxers and phenobarbital

Album covers...they sure don't make 'em like they used to.

This week, I introduce the term, lo-fi. It’s a term that applies to pretty much anything recorded cheaply and, usually, at home. (Now that everyone has computers, though, it’s much easier to make home recordings sound better than old four-track recorders.) Lo-fi can refer to just about any style, but I will, almost exclusively, use it to describe indie pop/rock. For more information, go memorize Guided By Voices Bee Thousand album.

  1. “Funky Street” – Arthur Conley (“Funky Street” 45/Atco/1968)
  2. “Evil” – Charlie Daniels (Tejohn, Grease & Wolfman/Kama Sutra/1972)
  3. “My Hang-Ups Ain’t Hung-Up No More” – Swamp Dogg (Have You Heard This Story??/Island/1974)
  4. “The Phenomenological Rhetoric of Summer Lingers On” – Jetenderpaul (The Woolen Spires/VainGlorious Home Recordings/1999)
  5. “A Girl Like You” – Edwyn Collins (Gorgeous George/Bar-None/1995)
  6. “Walking at Night” – The Cosmonautopolitans (Tickling Ears/Skating Party Allstars/2007)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 25 (1/15/10)

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