Episode 29: Fading Thoughts and Early Happenings

The Merbabies

The Merbabies in 1998

There have been few inspire me more than C. Charles Bowden. His trajectory was certainly a strange one, starting with drumming in the hardcore punk band, Focused. Then he formed The Merbabies, a collision of country music and J.Mascis. After The Merbabies’ breakup, he formed an countryish outfit, Other Desert Cities. He’s also a photographer.

I listened to The Merbabies’ EP, Indio, literally a zillion times in college. It’s amazing how great it still sounds. Sometimes I grab it before I pull Green Mind of my shelf.

  1. “Sovereignty” – The Merbabies (Indio/Jackson Rubio/1998)
  2. “Something Took Me Over” – Brilliant Geographers (Waving From a Ship/independent/2008)
  3. “Snowing in Sydney” – Cowboy Indian Bear (Cowboy Indian Bear/independent/2009)
  4. “Dick, Dale, Rick and Ricky” – Compulsion (Comforter/Interscope/1994)
  5. “Radio Free Europe” – R.E.M. (Murmur Deluxe Edition, Disc Two: Live in Toronto, September 7, 1983/I.R.S./2008)

Oh yeah, I’m taking suggestions for the next episode’s theme. Leave any ideas in the comments section of this post. I will have Episode 30 ready in two weeks. For now, enjoy this week’s show.

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 29 (2/12/10)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 29: Fading Thoughts and Early Happenings

  1. Ben says:

    Solid show, Jon.

  2. Ben says:

    Theme suggestion: “If I Were In Charge of the Waffle House Jukebox.”

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