An open letter to prospective music critics.

I shared this in Google Buzz, but I thought I’d also post it here for more exposure. It’s a brief article by Andy Whitman to aspiring music journalists Jason Morehead posted a link to on his site, Opus. Whitman is pretty much on the money and especially pithy, “As a music writer you will receive a lot of free music. On the other hand, most of you have probably figured out that you can receive a lot of free music whenever you want, regardless of your career path.”

I don’t really fashion myself a music journalist, although I’ve written for several zines in the past. I do this site because I love music and hope to encourage others, especially those past that typical window of musical discovery in college. Sure, I like this site to look nice and read well, but if you can’t communicate a sense of enjoyment in your writing, forget it. Even people writing for the big magazines.

That said, when your done reading Whitman’s post, go read The Big Takeover.

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