Episode 30: In Charge of the Waffle House Jukebox

Where it all goes down.

Last week, I took suggestions for this show (as I do for every tenth episode). My friend, Ben, said it should be “If I Were In Charge of the Waffle House Jukebox,” which seemed to be an immediate winner.

I may be mistaken here, but I’m pretty sure the reason Waffle House has played such a big role in my life is because of its hours of operation. The restaurants never close, so I’ve eaten at Waffle Houses before work, before church, after concerts and on holidays.

So this week’s show is in homage to the fine establishment with smothered hash browns and Casa de Waffle sauce. And also to my friends and wife who join in the fun at those hours when late blurs into early.

  1. “Dropkick Me” – Bobby Bare (The Winner and Other Losers/1976/RCA)
  2. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose its Flavor (On the Bedpost Overnight) – Lonnie Donegan
  3. “Kansas City Star” – Roger Miller (Golden Hits/1965/Smash)
  4. “What Does It Take to Win Your Love” – Junior Walker and the All-Stars (What Does It Take to Win Your Love/1969/Soul)
  5. “Maybe Baby” – Buddy Holly and The Crickets (The Chirpin’ Crickets/1957/Decca)
  6. “See Emily Play” – Pink Floyd (Piper At the Gates of Dawn/1968/Capitol)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 30 (2/26/10)

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6 thoughts on “Episode 30: In Charge of the Waffle House Jukebox

  1. Shane says:

    oh’maujh or ‘awhmujh

  2. Joel Thomas says:

    I looooooove the theme! I didn’t grow up near a Waffle House, but still have memories of a Waffle House jukebox. Last May Stacey and I drove down to Georgia for Michial Farmer’s wedding. On the way back north, we stayed the night in a log house themed Best Western at the top of a mountain, town called “Monteagle.” By the time we got into town around 9pm, the only things open were a liquor store (in which I did get some Tennessee moonshine and bourbon, thankee very much) and a Waffle House, where we did indeed play the jukebox with songs such as these.

  3. CMS says:

    I was required by Kevin Clay to interview him in a Waffle House in suburban Nashville and wear cheap Elvis sunglasses knockoffs during the interview … or he would not answer the questions.

    That was the only time I’ve ever been to Waffle House.


  4. CMS says:

    Crunchee –

    This is yer BEST episode ever recorded. Seriously.

    Great list of songs. Great mix. LOVE IT!

    I am going to talk this baby up! Yep. Yep!


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