Episode 32: Awake, but Half-Asleep

I think I listened to Voices & Images by Camouflage a zillion times last week, before I got on a Spiritualized kick (which I started to discuss in Episode 31). This probably borders on heresy to some, but I think that album is just as good as anything Depeche Mode released in the 80s.

I remember when I found that CD, as I had never heard of the band. I got it because it looked cool, and it was $1.97 at Maj-R-Thrift.

If there’s anything I can do with this website, it’s to chronicle my path of musical discoveries. Very rarely do I go systematically through every album by a particular artist before I’m sidetracked by something else. I routinely pre-judge albums by their covers or band pictures. While that certainly doesn’t always work (U2 was best when the members looked the worst), it’s a perfectly good way to discover new stuff. Don’t fear this absent-minded approach, as it has certainly reaped some nice rewards for me!

  1. “The Great Commandment” – Camouflage (Voices & Images/Atlantic/1988)
  2. “Room For Skin” – Grant McLennan (In Your Bright Ray/Beggars Banquet/1997)
  3. “Later On that Night” – The Bats (The Guilty Office/Hidden Agenda/2008)
  4. “To Be With the Girl” – Jonathon Smith (…Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous/independent/2008)
  5. “A Blessing in Disguise” – Lost Dogs (Gift Horse/BEC/2000)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #32 (3/12/10)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 32: Awake, but Half-Asleep

  1. That was a very fine show, Mr. Smith. Nice o’ you to keep yer friends in mind, too.

  2. CMS says:

    I actually prefer that Camouflage to anything Depeche Mode did … well, other than Violator. I also prefer the s/t debut from Mad At The World (even thought the lyrics are majorly groan inducing) to anything Depeche Mode did … well, other than Violator.


    • Jonathon says:

      I think I agree with you, but I do like Black Celebration and Construction Time Again, too. The new one also has some very nice moments, too. Gore is a pretty bad/juvenile lyricist, though. (I’m sure you’re like me…when I say I like a band but not too into them, I still own several of their albums. I need them to make an informed opinion…)

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