Episode 33: When You Fly Away

Today is my last day of spring break, and apart from Alex Chilton’s death on Wednesday, it’s been a great week for me. I didn’t take a crazy vacation; I just spent it with some people I love. This is for them.
  1. “Stroll Down Memory Lane” – Below the Sea (Blame It on the Past/Where Are My Records/2005)
  2. “Fragile Leaves” – Slon (Antenne/Valeot/2009)
  3. “Boats” – Songs of the Green Pheasant (Gyllyng Street/Fat Cat/2010)
  4. “Given in Again” – Lies Damned Lies (Flying Kites/Sticky Music/1991)
  5. “Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning” – The Innocence Mission (We Walked in Song/Badman/2006)
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2 thoughts on “Episode 33: When You Fly Away

  1. Russ says:

    “Not discovering new music after you turn 30…” – watch it bud, I resemble that remark! 🙂

    • Jonathon says:

      Yeah, I know…I’m speaking to a large portion of my audience with that remark. I should do an eight-hour show dedicated to The Innocence Mission sometime. I really, really love Don Peris.

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