Episode 34: We Are Electrocution

One of the best albums of the 90s, Fugazi's "In On the Kill Taker"

Death has been on my mind a lot this week, as Jay Reatard, Mark Linkous and Alex Chilton have all recently passed. I tried to build an episode around their songs, but it just felt inadequate. Perhaps a better tribute would be just to encourage you to listen to Sparklehorse’s It’s a Wonderful Life and Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers in their entirety. You know, I am sure I will play their songs in future shows, but the one I started to record just felt a little off.

Instead, I went with my gut and just threw together a bunch of music I wanted to listen to. Hopefully my sensitivity doesn’t come off as too insensitive.

So I told my friend, Ben, that I had been on a Fugazi kick again this week. I felt validated in my song choices for the show when he said he had just listened to 13 Songs earlier that morning. Sometimes it’s merely coincidence when you discover someone’s also been listening to the same artist or album as you, but sometimes it feels like you’ve tapped into a sort of collective consciousness or whatever. Either way, it’s a sign, right?

Anyway, this weeks show…

  1. “We Are Electrocution” – Le Shok (We Are Electrocution/GSL/2000)
  2. “Eros” – Tortoise (Standards/Thrill Jockey/2001)
  3. “Antenne” – Kraftwerk (Radio-Activity/Capitol/1975)
  4. “Smallpox Champion” – Fugazi (In On the Kill Taker/Dischord/1992)
  5. “Three” – Selfmindead (Selfmindead/Solid State/1998)
  6. “Yippie” – Mouse on Mars (Niun Niggung/Thrill Jockey/2000)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #34 (3/26/10)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 34: We Are Electrocution

  1. Brandon says:

    love the selection – great kraftwerk selection. made me anticipate summer. made me wish i was in the studio painting.

    selfmindeaded…uh, pass.

    • Jonathon says:

      Thanks for having the guts to say you weren’t wild about something. Sometimes I wonder if people just dig everything I throw at the proverbial wall.

      I do wonder, though, what you think of The Refused, as Selfmindead was totally copying their style. I’m a HUGE fan of The Shape Of Punk To Come. It might even be ahead of In On The Kill Taker in my list of top 90s albums!

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