Episdoe 35: Another Word

My friend, Mitch, recently got a turntable for his birthday. He walked into Vinyl Renaissance and was overwhelmed with its inventory and high prices. (I have found some very cheap and good stuff there, but it was difficult.) So he asked if there were any pointers in finding good music, particularly in the vinyl format.

I told him to go with stuff he likes. Getting into music just to have collectibles is asinine. There is simply too much out there to waste tons of money on giant, limited-run boxsets you’ll never crack open. I also told him not to spend too much. Without a price guide, it takes some acclimation to perceive if you’re getting a good deal, but shopping at expensive places (where they typically do a lot of internet sales) can quickly give you an idea of how much is too much.

This week is a celebration of getting music for cheap. A friend suggested I included music from LPs I got at a recent sale at Half Price Books, so I transferred a few songs.  (The first three in this episode.) Here goes.

  1. “Over You” – Roxy Music (Flesh and Blood/Atco/1980)
  2. “Another World” – Talk Talk (The Party’s Over/EMI/1982)
  3. “I Think We’re Alone Now” – Lene Lovich (Stateless/Stiff/1979)
  4. “Time of The Season” – Ippu-Do (Radio Fantasy/Epic/1981)
  5. “Surf King” – New Radiant Storm King (My Little Bastard Soul/Axis/1993)
  6. “Take Me Home” – Sweet Jane (Blackboots & Blackhearts/RMG/2008)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #35 (4/2/10)

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One thought on “Episdoe 35: Another Word

  1. Brandon says:

    Going to have to do some research on New Radiant Storm King. Really liked it, kind of Lou Reed meets Sparklehorse.

    By the way, more awkward pauses this week than usual. Perhaps they’ve become your “signature-thing”.

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