Episode 37: Don’t Need Wind to Carry Me

I work with a guy who sorta keeps current with music, but he just seems to only follow his favorite bands from fifteen years ago. Everybody at work knows he plays guitar, but he seemed to only talk about music in a very sanitized fashion, as if others wouldn’t get it. Or maybe that was just my perception.

Last week, he wore a Jawboneofanass t-shirt to work. His old band, in fact, opened for Scaterd Few on a few dates of its 1994 tour. He hasn’t told me that he keeps up with Radio Free Raytown, but he certainly seems more free to show off his love for music since I’ve been around.

Sometimes success is measured in very small increments.

  1. “Maybe In Time” – Revere (A Soundless Tree/Albino/2008)
  2. “The Coast” – Roddy Frame (Western Skies/Redemption/2006)
  3. “Thunder Bay, Ontario” – Nathan Phillips (Postcard/self-released/2008)
  4. “What It Is” – Stik Figa (Looking Good/Innate Sounds/2007)
  5. “Fog” – Nosaj Thing (Drift/Alpha Pup/2009)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #37 (4/16/10)

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