Nothing well-organized here, just some stuff you need to know about.

  • Dennis Coffey, wah guitarist extraordinaire, has recorded a podcast in two parts. They follow his (mostly session) work through the years and feature some nice storytelling. Trust me, this dude’s important.
  • Sam Billen has recorded an EP of covers, and The Record Machine has made it available for free.
  • My band, My Science Fiction Twin, is playing The Main Street Coffee House in downtown Independence on May 15. It will be a full-band experience.
  • I’ve really been digging the new album by The Radio Dept., Clinging To A Scheme. It’s more subtle than Lesser Matters, my favorite, but still very moody and melodic. The band seems to be taking its time, and it works well.
  • Cowboy Indian Bear and The Noise FM are playing a CD release show at The Granada (both are releasing CDs) with Ghosty and Muscle Worship. Doors open at 8:00, it’s $5 and all ages.
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