Goodbye, Killer

Details were just announced about how to pre-order the new Pernice Brothers album. To be completely honest, I feel rather lukewarm about the new song, “Jacqueline Susann,” that the band posted a couple weeks ago. I’m certainly happy to see them favoring rock in place of the chamber pop and 70s easy listening of their last album, though.
I am also very excited to see Ric Menck working with the band. (Yes, he played cowbell on Discover a Lovelier You, but he was criminally underutilized, considering that he is an amazing drummer and fantastic pop genius in his own right. Please check out Teenage Symphonies to God by Velvet Crush for proof!) I hope/imagine the band’s creativity wasn’t drained just for the single; I know there will be some pop chestnuts with insanely complex and catchy bridges on the album.
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