Rock it on the weekend.

Just a few random things today.
  • “We’re all bombarded with some sort of music on a daily basis–in shops, TV commercials, restaurants, lifts–most of it simply noise pollution, deadening us to the real joy of music.”
    –Joe Jackson (p.15, A Cure for Gravity)
  • I have archived episodes 28-37. You can find them here.
  • Katy and I got the most recent Mavis Staples album at Half Price Books last night for two dollars. It’s a great listen, with her amazing vocals (as always) and Ry Cooder’s sick guitar riffs.
  • The Sexy Accident recorded our new EP over Easter weekend. I think it’s a nice listen, with Jesse’s strongest batch of songs yet. (The CD will be available at our June 9 show at The Record Bar.) Probably the catchiest is “Now That She’s Gone,” which shows off Jesse’s Ric Ocasek-like knack for smartly putting a spin on cliches. The chord changes are Motown, but it feels more tight and rocking, like maybe late-70s Joe Jackson. As an added touch, Jesse arranged some very lyrical parts for soprano sax and trumpet with his friend, Mark Hamblin. Check out the single, and feel free to download the band’s other albums.
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