Episode 41: Minds Decay

Nothing too fancy this week. I’m tired, sick and ready for the sun to shine again. Hope you like the show.

  1. “I’m Not an Airplane” – Guided By Voices (Bee Thousand/Scat/1994)
  2. “Electric Funeral” – Black Sabbath (Paranoid/Warner/1970)
  3. “I Am the Palm Tree” – Ad Astra Per Aspera (Cubic Zirconia/independent/2004)
  4. “Boogie Stop Shuffle” – Charles Mingus (Ah Um/Columbia/1959)
  5. “The War in the Gulf Between Us” – Adrian Belew (Inner Revolution/Atlantic/1992)
  6. “This and That” – Acid House Kings (Advantage Acid House Kings/Labrador/1997)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #41 (5/21/10)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 41: Minds Decay

  1. Shane says:

    Love the pop tunes!

  2. Jonathon says:

    And I wasn’t even going to call you out by name….

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