Episode 42: The Force of a Javelin Hit

An obscure album compiling tracks by artists like Jai Agnish, Half-Handed Cloud and Jetenderpaul, this may be the only scan of cover to the Purse-Proud Shabby-Genteel Compliation on the internet.

I approach music with the same interest and intensity that I do with meeting people. I feel just as there can be good people of all walks, I’m bound to find a great artist in every genre. Occasionally, there are styles I’m not as fond of and there are styles that are just downright bad. (Watered-down classical music with drum machines and curly-haired boy singers aimed at soccer moms will never be good.)

I search for good stuff everywhere, and I find much to like in rap. Yes, I know it’s always extremely musical. Much good rap is mostly about rhythm and rhyme–it’s performance art. I’m not going to be that suburban white guy who defends hip-hop as cultural enlightenment and certainly won’t defend the (c)rap on all the hot Clear Channel stations. There’s not enough space here, and, frankly I don’t need to die on that hill. I just think there are many people who’d like hip-hop if they had exposure to someone else besides Lil’ Wayne and Rhianna.

This week’s show probably best reflects my listening patterns of late: listen to one style, get fed up with it, play another, get fed up again and then play something else. Enjoy.

  1. “Clockwork” – Blackalicious (A2G/Quannum/1999)
  2. “Movin’ On” – Deep Thinkers and Approach (Necks Move/Datura/2005)
  3. “Exploding View” – Animal Town (A Purse-Proud Shabby-Genteel Compilation/Vainglorious Home Recordings/2001)
  4. “Leave House” – Caribou (Swim/Merge/2010)
  5. “Bear Vs.” – Cowboy Indian Bear (Each Other All The Time/The Record Machine/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #42 (5/28/10)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 42: The Force of a Javelin Hit

  1. Matt Stevens says:

    V cool thou i think i enjoyed 41 more with the Belew stuff

    • Yeah, well, the show changes every week. In 42 episodes, I’ve only played Belew and King Crimson three times, so it may be some time before he sneaks up in the mix again.

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