Episode 44: Gardens Within Gardens

Hidden Mansions, the new EP by Orient Is His Name

A little bit of trivia for you…the first concert Katy and I attended after we got married was All Things Bright and Beautiful at The Replay Lounge in Lawrence. (The second was Bruce Cockburn at Liberty Hall.) The band was essentially a solo project of Lee Bozeman’s, who had previously sang with Luxury, backed by Namelessnumberheadman. Since then, Bozeman has continued to make music, recording under the moniker Orient Is His Name.

When I put these shows together, I usually have a song or two in mind I really want people to really sink their teeth into. (That’s obviously not to say I’m not passionate about the rest.) This week, I wanted to push Orient Is His Name’s newest EP. There’s something moving and eerie about his work that I love. I hope you like it and get the album, too. Enjoy.

  1. “God Bless You Little Pirate Hands” – Frank Lenz (The Last Temptation of Frank Lenz/independent/2002?)
  2. “Hidden Mansions” – Orient is His Name (Hidden Mansions/independent/2010)
  3. “Caroline, No” – Owusu & Hannibal (Living with Owusu & Hannibal/Ubiquity/2006)
  4. “A Cause Des Garçons” – Yelle (Pop-Up/EMI/2007)
  5. “Blackout (Shinichi Osawa Remix)” – The Whip (X Marks Destination/Southern Fried Records/2008)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #44 (6/10/10)

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