Andrew Horton has uploaded a new episode of Life After Records. That dude’s crazy. Check it out!

At the risk of everyone finding the good deals before I do, I’ve got to tell you about the big sale at Earwaxx this week.  Gary Wilkerson run the best record store in Kansas City and deserves everyone’s support. I’ll just copy and paste from the Facebook event page…

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us gain 1000 fans. We truly appreciate all who support local and independent businesses.

Our New Earwaxx T-Shirts are just in and available for $8 or FREE with $40 purchase this week only!

Monday through Thursday
20% OFF all used vinyl $4.99 and up (Make this 25% if you bring a Halcyon Diversified Trading Receipt) Select Concert T’s for $5.99!!We have a full rack with great Bands including Misfits,Ramones,Slayer,Slipknot,Audioslave,and more!Almost 100 Titles!

Friday: 11-7pm
25% OFF all used vinyl $4.99 and up
$5.99 Concert T’s

From 7-9pm
We will have 33% off ALL USED VINYL!This will be the lowest prices ever offered on the Earwaxx stock of used vinyl.(and you won’t see it this low again anytime soon!) Also From 7 to 9 pm only Friday Night ONLY!-$1 off all New LP’s priced 10.99 to 19.99.$2 off all New LP’s priced 20.99 and up!

Specials will be the same as Friday Night minus the New Vinyl Specials. New Vinyl is only on sale 7p-9p Friday. We Will Be Closing at 5 pm on Saturday for observence of Independence(or as we like to call it Independents)Day.

99cent used records=5 for $.99
$1.99 used records=3 for $1.99
$2.99 & $3.99 records=2 for the price of 1
All $.99 8 track tapes 4 for $.99
All $.49 cassette tapes 4 for $.49

*ALL USED CD’s will have the SAME SPECIALS as the USED VINYL!

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