Episode 46: To Be Human, Afterall

It’s another international week, with bands from Scotland, Japan, France, Texas and the good ol’ USA. It’s also another week with some brand new music. (That means you should buy it up and support the artists. Once albums make their way to eBay/Amazon/second-hand stores, sales no longer benefit them. It just so happens that The Futureheads and The Choir have their own labels, so you can directly support them with a purchase.)


  1. “Stop the Noise” – The Futureheads (The Chaos/2010)
  2. “It Should Have Been Obvious” – The Choir (Burning Like the Midnight Sun/Galaxy 21/2010)
  3. “Noblesse De L’échec (2)” – Cheval De Frise (Sans Titre/Sickroom/2004)
  4. “Tesselation, Formerly Plateau One” – Mahogany (Connectivity!/Darla/2006)
  5. “Sakura Swirl” – Luminous Orange (Sakuraswirl/Music Related/2007)
  6. “Say Something About You” – Phantasmic (I Light Up Your Life/Flying Tart/1996)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #46 (7/9/10)

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One thought on “Episode 46: To Be Human, Afterall

  1. Roy says:

    I appreciate that you don’t include Texas as part of the USA. I don’t either.

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