Feelin’ Byzantine

Neko Case and Dan Bejar of the New Pornographers

Katy and I attended the New Pornographers show at Liberty Hall on Monday with our friends Ben and Brandon. The Star did a fairly good job reviewing the show.

There are a few things I’d add in response to the Star’s article, however.  The author clearly doesn’t get Dan Bejar’s shtick. Bejar is clearly acting as a pretentious and lazy art snob, and the band is playing into it by allowing his seemingly bad behavior. I found it hilarious. I also have to wonder how many shows the writer has ever been to, since he seems to criticize the on-stage drinking. It was clearly no Guided By Voices-style drunken debacle, so why comment? Oh yeah, and the band never performed “Slow Descent into Alcoholism.” I was prepared to shake my money-maker to it, as it’s my favorite song of theirs, but the time never came. And what in tarnation is “insistent pop”? Sheesh.

Oh well; writers can’t please everyone. Especially other writers.

I posted my pictures from the show. Check them out.

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