Episode 49: A Way into My Head

John Jared Bowes and Dan Billen of Topeka/Lawrence band, the Billions

Can you believe it? This is my 49th episode. Next week I will take a break to prepare for my 50th show. Please submit suggestions in the comments section for this post.

It seems funny to me that The Billions and Joe Christmas have arisen in conversation several times with me this week. (Of course, I know people come to me when they have questions about any band because they assume I’ll know the answer.) Nonetheless, these are two unfortunately obscure bands that rarely arise in casual conversation. It was too coincidental to ignore, so I had to play them this week.  Enjoy.

  1. “Love Is Real” – Sandro Perri (Tiny Mirrors/Constellation/2007)
  2. “Every Word Was Split in Two” – J. Tillman (J. Tillman/independent/2004)
  3. “Someday You’ll Regret” – The Billions (demos/independent/2004ish)
  4. “I’ll Bet You Do” – Joe Christmas (North to the Future/Tooth and Nail/1995)
  5. “She’s Fetching” – Big Dipper (Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology/Merge/2008)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #49 (7/30/10)

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6 thoughts on “Episode 49: A Way into My Head

  1. Mint says:

    Dude….Songs 3, 4, and 5 just rocked my lunch HARDCORE. GREAT tunes!

  2. Awesome. I should rip the b-sides from the “Dreaming for the Gold” 7″ and play them sometime.

  3. I particularly enjoyed that Sandro Perri song. As breathy as it was, the song had a considerable amount of body thanks to the sultry production. I picked up the album on the Zune Marketplace today thanks to your post. Good stuff.

  4. Ben H says:

    Episode #50 theme suggestions:

    1. Jon Smith, Massage Therapist
    2. All In The Family
    3. Overqualified

  5. Ben H says:

    That’s right. You will.

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