Heavy Rotation (8/11/10)

This is what I’ve been listening to this week, in no particular order. (It’s been a great week for new music, hasn’t it?!)

10. Built My Fortress – The Foxglove Hunt (Commonwall Media/2009)

9. Something Is Pressing Against it From the Sky 7″ – Long Legged Woman (Thor’s Rubber Hammer/2008)

8. Permanent Sleep – Lowlife (Nightshift/1986)

7. Lullabies to Violaine (disc one) – Cocteau Twins (4AD/2006)

6. No More Paths to Sounder Sleep – Chartreuse (Thor’s Rubber Hammer/2008)

5. A Salty Dog – Procol Harum (A&M/1969)

4. The Drift – Scott Walker (4AD/2006)

3. Light From a Dying Star – The Enigmatic Foe (independent/2008)

2. The Changing of the Guard – Starflyer 59 (Tooth $ Nail/2010)

1. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (Merge/2010)

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