Episode 50: Therapy

The 2007 compilation, After Dark, of artists on the Italians Do It Better label

I remember the day in my freshman year at UMKC that I told myself I would find the coolest sounding albums possible at Streetside Records and Music Exchange.  I was enraptured with a new Third Day album, but I knew I wanted to take a dive off the deep end. I could just feel it. That day, I brought home records by King Crimson and Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark.

I share this story because I think so many of us listen to music while sub/consciously imagining what our friends’ opinions might be if they walked in the room. Others predicate their enjoyment of music on its familiarity or similarity to overplayed bands we heard growing up. (I mention both of these phenomena because I can relate.)

It’s easy to miss the mark here. The point is not to just embrace the avant garde or unknown artists. The point is to be get to a place where you can consider other types of music as valuable, to begin getting your head around musical experssion of all sorts. Through that process you discover stuff that no one has heard of and possibly even stuff that licks the out outer edge of the musical envelope.

So this is my fiftieth episode.

I have loved every single song I’ve played. If I’m lucky, you may have even gone bonkers over a few artists you discovered along the way. Enough with the navel-gazing and pontificating. Enjoy this week’s show on a rather sultry theme, Jonathon Smith: Massage Therapist.

  1. “Hands in the Dark” – The Chromatics (After Dark/Italians Do It Better/2007)
  2. “Le Soleil Est Pres Du Moi” – Air (Premiers Symptomes/Source/1997)
  3. “Simplex” – Subway (Subway II/Soul Jazz/2009)
  4. “Sleepwalk” – Adam Again (Worldwide Favourites: Selected Songs From the Adam Again Era/KMG/1999)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #50 (8/13/10)

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5 thoughts on “Episode 50: Therapy

  1. Brandon says:

    FYI – I assume you want this.


  2. Yeah, I want that and the accompanying soundtrack he recorded.

  3. Another great episode sir! Adam Again is a band I’ve heard a lot about, but never got around to listening to until hearing this episode. Good stuff.

    • As I said, I don’t know that “Sleeplwalk” is the best introduction to the band. But if you dig those Stipe-y vocals and crazy guitars, you’ll love albums like Dig. I’d put that record up against any Zeppelin record (historical importance of Page & Co. aside).

  4. Love the Pernice Brothers as well.

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