Episode 54: Feminists and Car Shows

It’s been one of those long, short weeks.  One of those weeks where I don’t really want  to complain because there have been times in my life when I’d kill for a four-day (heck, even a five-day) work week.

I can’t complain; it’s been a week full of things Katy and I love.  We’ve spent time with a lot of good friends, eaten mostly vegetarian food and listening to the new Starflyer 59 LP that finally arrived.  Anyway, there’s not much in the way of an introduction to this week’s show. I can say that my love of jangly pop/rock rears its head again, and I refuse to apologize.

  1. “Seafoam Green” – This Train (Mimes of the Old West/Organic/1999)
  2. “Penitentiary Philosophy” – Erykah Badu (Mama’s Gun/Motown/2000)
  3. “Say That “- Latyrx (Latyrx: The Album/Quannum/1997)
  4. “All Around” – The Chameleons (Why Call It Anything?/Artful/2001)
  5. “Youth” – Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils/Captured Tracks/2010)
  6. “Know You Now” – The Someloves (Something or Other/Mushroom/1989)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #54 (9/10/10)

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