Episode 55: Here She Comes

Martin Newell's album, The Greatest Living Englishman, which he recorded in Andy Partridge's shed

I had brunch with a friend last weekend. It seems that, at some point, nearly every conversation with him circles back around to classic albums by Guided By Voices, XTC and Martin Newell.

As a result, I’ve been listening a lot to the album Martin Newell recorded with XTC’s Andy Partridge since Saturday. As one would expect from Newell and Partridge, two outspoken fans of Ray Davies, the album sounds a lot like The Kinks. And as one would expect from me, being a huge fan of all things jangly and British, I love the record.

So I open with one of my favorite Newell songs, “She Rings the Changes.” I can’t help but think bands like Sloan and Guided By Voices devoured that song, as it’s all that good and pure about power pop. Enjoy!

  1. “She Rings the Changes” – Martin Newell (The Greatest Living Englishman/Pipeline/1993)
  2. “Dolores Haze” – Sister Sonny (Jetset/Lovesongs/1999)
  3. “Harry Mambourg” – Epo-555 (Mafia/Crunchy Frog/2007)
  4. “Too Far Gone” – Sixpence None the Richer (The Best of Sixpence None the Richer/Word/2004)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 55 (9/17/10)

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One thought on “Episode 55: Here She Comes

  1. Shane says:

    That Sixpence song is better than half the record it would’ve been on.

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