Episode 57: Everything’s So Far Away

Transit TransitOf the many theses I like to prove with this site, I probably feel most convicted about this:  great music continues to be recorded.  I know people get occupied with important stuff like families and jobs, but please recognize that music didn’t die when you graduated from college.

I’ve been going absolutely nutso over the new Autolux record for the past couple weeks.  (If you’re a Sam Phillips and T-Bone Burnett fan, note that one of their usual studio drummers, Carla Azar, is also the drummer for Autolux.)  The band’s last album, Future Perfect, was a beautiful mix of 90s indie rock, noise pop and British alternative influences.  This  time, the band threw some krautrock into the mix.  It’s not necessarily a better album, just a little different.  Autolux has only released a couple albums in ten years, but they have been absolute gems.  Enjoy the show.

  1. “Houses” – Cheyenne (I am Haunted, I am Alive/The Record Machine/2002)
  2. “Lately, I’ve Let Things Slide” – Nick Lowe (Quiet Please…The New Best of Nick Lowe/Yep Roc/2009)
  3. “Carry Me Ohio” (alternate version) – Sun Kil Moon (Ghosts of the Great Highway/Caldo Verde/2007)
  4. “Penthouse in the Woods” – Scud Mountain Boys (Massachusetts/Sub Pop/1995)
  5. “Clear Water” – Field Music (Field Music (Measure)/Memphis Industries/2010)
  6. “Supertoys” – Autolux (Transit Transit/TBD/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #57 (10/1/10)

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