Episode 60: Songs are Sung


Cage became famous for his use of prepared piano like this, in which he'd stuff any number of objects between a piano's strings. He used one such treatment on "In the Name of the Holocaust."


I rather enjoy the challenge of creating themed shows based on friends’ suggestions.  I had three good ones to choose from this week: songs that should have made it on the radio in the 70s, the fact that I own this record proves there is a God and He loves me very much, and 20th Century classical music.

Although it was the most difficult and the most serious, I chose the last theme. I think it’s because I fee like I haven’t explored “classical” music enough on my show.  (“Classical” is obviously a catch-all for just about any kind of music with orchestration or written-out, composed music.  Strictly speaking, the term Classical refers to a period of orchestral music preceding the Romantic period.)

I, like my friend who suggested the theme, find myself listening to more 20th Century composers in the autumn.  I have a strong association with this season and the likes of John Cage, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. I think it’s because of the many days I would study at UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library, listen to these composers in my headphones, and watch the turning leaves through the giant windows.

At any rate, enjoy this week’s show.

  1. “In the Name of the Holocaust” – John Cage (Daughters of the Lonesome Isle/?/1945)
  2. “IV – Deciso” – Kronos Quartet (…songs are sung/Nonesuch/2007)
  3. “Spring Flowers in the Moonlit Night on the River” (arr. Sun Yiqiang) – Lang Lang (Dragon Songs/Deutsche Grammophon/2006)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #60 (10/29/10)

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One thought on “Episode 60: Songs are Sung

  1. Brandon says:

    Beautiful show, I love the diversity. We need a follow up later in the fall.

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