Episode 61: Sometimes Life Just Makes You Wait

Boyd Shearon, rockstar.

Last Saturday night was perfect.  Two couples joined us for dinner at an Indian restaurant.  We then returned to our house to listen to records.  What struck me about the evening was that I only played one song (the choice Swamp Dogg cut, “God Ain’t Blessing America”) because another friend brought over some of his records to share.  What made that so great for me, besides the quality of music he wanted to share, was that he desired to share music with which he had obviously spent time.

Sure, I have a ton of music, but I see it all as art and experiences I’d like to share.  I’ve clearly led by example in this, and it’s nice to see others follow.

To that end, I have to play a song by Boyd Shearon this week.  It’s an amazing pop song by a student of the greats: Big Star, R.E.M. and The Who.  What’s even cooler is the fact that I know this guy.  He’s been a great encouragement through my un- and under-employment, all the while being out of work for a time himself!  I can’t keep his awesome music to myself.  He’ll never get big, so his songs have to be heard somehow.  Enjoy.

  1. “Green Tambourine” – The Lemon Pipers (single/Buddah/1967)
  2. “New Tragedy” – Leo Nine (Modern/Velvet Blue Music/2001)
  3. “Fall Apart Inside” – Boyd Shearon (More Songs CD-R/independent/?)
  4. “Rollingslow” – Fold Zandura (Fold Zandura/Xhan/1995)
  5. “Always Forever Now” – The Passengers (Original Soundtracks/Island/1995)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #62 (11/12/10)

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One thought on “Episode 61: Sometimes Life Just Makes You Wait

  1. an in-law in Dayton says:


    more connections to South west Ohio

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