Episode 64: Check It All Out

I'm not sure why, but I really dig the artwork for the Stan Getz album, Change of Scenes. I really dig the album, too.

Tuesday night was Raytown Middle School’s winter choir concert.  Since I had band practice that night and my student could not make it, I didn’t attend.  Sitting in with the class for the past several months, I’m very familiar with the repertoire.  The show featured a couple dizzying shifts from secular to sacred; the most flagrant was following “Do Wah Diddy” with a “Kyrie Elieson.”

This week’s show features a similarly crazy shift, too, going from “Time Is On My Side” to “Early On One Christmas Morn.”  It makes sense to me; I hope it makes sense to you.  Enjoy.

  1. “Take It All in and Check It All Out” – Bill Withers (Still Bill/Sussex/1972)
  2. “The Thing” – Don Cherry (Where is Brooklyn?/Blue Note/1966)
  3. “Symptones” – Stan Getz and the Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band (Change of Scenes/Verve/1971)
  4. “Time Is on My Side” (original version) – The Rolling Stones (Time Is on My Side 45/London/1964)
  5. “Early on One Christmas Morn” – Bruce Cockburn (Christmas/Columbia/1993)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #64 (12/10/10)

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