Concerning Year-End Lists…

There seems to be an expectation that if one is a discerning music enthusiast, he must develop year-end lists with best/favorite albums from that year.  I always wait until the year is actually over to create such a list.  (And if you’re lucky, in a month or two, you’ll receive a copy of the annual Song’s in Jon’s Beard, a mix CD of my favorite songs from the year.)

I am unsure whether I am hesitant to make a definitive statement or whether it really is that hard to decide.  One thing I can say is that Katy and I continue discovering some really good releases from 2010 (like the new Motel Beds album).  So if I had made a list two months ago, like a friend of mine, I would have missed quite a few excellent records.

All that said, I’ll try to have a list created and annotated by the end of January.

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