Episode 68: Between the Zero and the One

The Cord UnwindsIn lieu of an introduction to this week’s show, I just have some further comments on some of the songs that didn’t make the recording.

I indicate that “Shutout” hints at the direction Scott Walker would go with his solo work.  That’s only partially true.

The Walker Brothers had broken up in the late sixties, and Scott recorded several solo records before the band reunited in the mid-70s.  His first four records are quite good, but refuses to discuss the others, as they were label-demanded, failed forays into MOR adult pop.  He already had a solo career; it didn’t start after Nite Flights.

After Nite Flights, though, the quality of his output was fairly consistent.  (He was selective about what he released, only three albums and two soundtracks in next 25 years.)  “Shutout” is probably his most accessible song, so don’t expect it all to be as danceable and Bowie-ish.

As I mention in the show, Transmit Pulse is one of Andrew Sallee’s solo projects (he’s also in Namelessnumberheadman, who is playing at The Record Bar on the 29th).  Make him rich and buy his songs online.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the show.

  1. “Shutout” – The Walker Brothers (Nite Flights / GTO / 1978)
  2. “Something Better Beginning” – The Kinks (Kinda Kinks / Reprise / 1965)
  3. “The Cord Unwinds” – Transmit Pulse (“The Cord Unwinds” digital single / Scatterplot Sounds / 2011)
  4. “She Turns to Flowers” – The Salvation Army (Happen Happened: Befour Three O’Clock / Frontier / 1993)
  5. “5/4” – Young and Sexy (Panic When You Find It / Mint / 2006)
  6. “Green Grow the Rushes” – R.E.M. (Fables of the Reconstruction / I.R.S. / 1985)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #68 (1/21/10)

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