Episode 72: In the End, Everyone’s Happy

4-4-1's classic album, Sacrifice

For the past two weeks, when I’ve not been listening to the new Radiohead record, I’ve taken refuge in jangly pop.  Or perhaps more accurately, I’ve interrupted my usual pattern of voraciously listening to jangly pop bands with the new Radiohead album.  (Don’t worry, I’ll probably discuss The King of Limbs in a future episode.)

At any rate, Dayton’s Motel Beds have released two fantastic albums in the past two years.  Both are incredibly solid slabs of moody power pop that you’d expect from the town that birthed Guided By Voices.  I think Motel Beds is an awesome band, and I hope you dig the show.

  1. The Lights #9 – Motel Beds (Sunfried Dreams / independent / 2011)
  2. Pinkies – Motel Beds (Feelings / Fictionband Mechanics / 2010)
  3. Mr. Fool – Let’s Active (Every Dog Has Its Day / I.R.S. / 1988)
  4. Beautiful Places – 4-4-1 (Sacrifice / Broken / 1988)
  5. Never Let Me Go – Bono and the Million Dollar Hotel Band (The Million Dollar Hotel: Music From the Motion Picture / Island / 2000)
  6. Kentish Town – Tracey Thorn (Love and its Opposite / Merge / 2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #72 (3/4/11)

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