Some thoughts from this week.

Job-hunting is a time and energy-consuming thing.  I’ve applied for about a dozen jobs this week and had one interview, leaving little time to record a new show.  So, once again, in lieu of an episode, I will just post some random thoughts I’ve had about music this week.

  • Sam Billen is opening for Half-Handed Cloud at Bridgeport Signs of Life at 7:30 on March 18.  What a great way to end spring break.
  • I had to defend my stance on Herbie Hancock’s Thrust this week.  I think it’s his best fusion album.
  • There’s an election in Raytown on April 5.  One candidate, in particular, seems to enjoy filling my mailbox with lots of campaign materials.  Must be nice to own a printing company.  Other candidates must pay for their promotional materials.
  • I’m still perplexed by the new Radiohead record.  I think I think it’s solid, but it’s certainly weird.  Even by Radiohead’s standards.
  • Episode 100 will be special.
  • Tag Team’s music seems best-suited for middle-school pep assemblies.
  • Marc Byrd can do no wrong.
  • The world needs more songs like R.E.M.’s “At My Most Beautiful.”
  • Word has it that Flannelgraph Records will release a 7″ of Starflyer 59 covers by Candy Claws.  See Candy Claws at Ink Magazine’s Middle of the Map Festival.  Needless to say, you must attend this show.

Well, I guess those were random thoughts mostly about music.

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