Episode 73: New Balance Sneaker Fever

Pretty cool artwork by John Bergin, eh?

Since I’m in the throes of a job search, I often think about the image I invariably project of myself with these shows.  In fact, I know at least one principal visited my site prior to an interview.  For this reason, I have played little rap music.  It’s hard to find good, family-friendly stuff.  But as in discussing movies, I don’t know it’s valuable to just prudishly cast off songs with coarse language with a jerk of the knee.

This is not an it’s-okay-to-cuss post.

I think most people know I’m not usually potty-mouthed, and, as a result, I listen to little music with cussing.  For the most part, cussing seems to demonstrate a lack of self-discipline and minuscule vocabulary.  In an honest discussion about rap music we cannot simply toss out albums with explicit lyrics stickers.

Working in schools, I also feel it’s my obligation to understand what’s on the radio.  Running a website where I pontificate about music of all sorts, I feel I must make appropriate recommendations of good music, including rap.

Perhaps I’m making too big of a deal out of this.  Part of me wants to just get on with the show because groups like Antipop Consortium are obviously making more of an artistic statement than T.I., Soulja Boy or Kanye West could ever imagine, and I know my listeners will get its mix of slam poetry and futuristic beats.  But I’m also aware of how I might be perceived by a first-time listener.

Enough with the apologetics.  Enjoy the show.

  1. “Typhoon” – Foreign Beggars feat. Chasing Shadows (Beggattron Remixed | Dented Records | 2010)
  2. “…” – Lance Grabmiller (Anthropology | Grinder | 2002)
  3. “Ping Pong” – Antipop Consortium (Arrhythmia | Warp | 2002)
  4. “The 10th Victim” – Clifford Gilberto (Xen Cuts Missed Flipped and Skipped | Ninja Tune | 2000)
  5. “Wot’s . . . Uh The Deal” – Pink Floyd (Obscured by Clouds | Harvest | 1972)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #73 (3/18/11)

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