Out and about.

Yep, I stole this image from the city's website.I want to make everyone aware of a couple events in the Raytown area.  Since I plan to be involved, that means you should, as well.

The city of Raytown is holding its annual community cleanup day at the Super Splash water park from 8am-3pm on April 30.  All the entrance fees have been waived for Raytown residents.  So clean up your neighborhood and get rid of all your junk for free.

To make this possible, the city will rely on the help of volunteers.  I’m going to volunteer, so should you.  For more information and to see all the junk that will be accepted, you can download the flyer here.

Next, from 5-8pm on Friday (March 25), the Longview Community College Cultural Arts Center is holding an opening receptions for its faculty art exhibit.  My wife and I have seen several exhibits there, and we’ve been impressed with Daniel Reneau’s curating.

The exhibit runs from March 23-April 23, and the gallery’s hours are from 12-4pm, Wednesday-Saturday.  I’ll just copy and paste from the press sheet here:

The exhibition opens March 23 and will feature sculpture, digital prints, handmade jewelry and other media from our talented art faculty.  “We’re very fortunate to have with us an exemplary group of instructors who are not only excellent educators but also artists and designers active in their own practices as well,” said Daniel Reneau, MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center gallery curator.

Artists featured are:  Jay Hunt, Amy Kephart, Kim Lindaberry, Nancy Morrison, Sydney Pener, Daniel Reneau, Scott Seebart, Jim Smith, Susan Speck and Dee Washer

The gallery is located at 500 SW Longview Road.  It’s free…how cool is that??

Oh yeah, and there’s an election on April 5 in Raytown.  Vote for David Bower.

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