Episode 75: On the Low

I’ve been toying with Amazon’s Cloud Player this week.  It seems a good option for me (at least for some of the digital music I keep in rotation), as I don’t have my own server from which to stream songs.

One catch is formats.  It doesn’t support .ogg files, in which I’ve ripped all my CDs.  I have uploaded MP3s I downloaded from eMusic and Amazon, and the player seems to work well, streaming songs at the bitrate in which they’ve been encoded.

Just like any new service (not that the idea is necessarily new, but that it’s implementation on such a big, visible scale is), I know other people will come along with better ideas to make personal music players nearly obsolete.  We’ll just use devices on our phones or in our cars to stream music.  And speaking of streaming, enjoy this week’s mix…

  1. “Little Fury Bugs “- Death Cab for Cutie (We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes | Barsuk | 2000)
  2. “Flametop Green” – Daniel Lanois (Belladonna | Anti | 2005)
  3. “On the Low” – Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (Bavarian Fruit Bread | Sanctuary | 2001)
  4. “This and That” – Acid House Kings (Advantage | Labrador | 2002)
  5. “Broken Like Brooklyn” – Lost Dogs (The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees | Lo-Fidelity |2006)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #75 (4/8/11)

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