Ride on!

“No RFR this week?” was the text at 10:43 this morning.

I guess I set the bar a little high when I did about 60 consecutive weekly installments.  While I love blathering about music, I some other things have commanded my time recently.  In addition to my usual busyness this week, I interviewed at Hogan Prep High School, rehearsed for a wedding and recorded the soundtrack to a Kickstarter promotional video for a new musical.

That’s not to say I haven’t spent time with music this week.  My wife and I have made it through two-thirds of No Direction Home, and I’ve been spinning John Wesley Harding.  I’m still in awe of its clean, uncluttered mix.

One of our pastors preached on the first chapter of 1 Peter this weekend.  Peter’s use of ‘exile’ in the passage brought to mind David Bowie’s “Word on a Wing” where he belts out, “It’s safer than a strange land.”  I just couldn’t get that song out of my head during the sermon.  Peter also writes in that chapter about how God causes us to be born again, and there hasn’t been a day this week that the line, “Sweet name, you’re born once again for me,” didn’t run through my head.

I also got news that the student with whom I work will receive an award for Most Improved Student next Tuesday night at the annual student recognition night.  This means so much more to me than my nomination for support staff of the year.

Oh yeah, and that Kickstarter campaign video?  Here it is.  (And yes, that’s my cowboy hat he’s wearing.)

I’m exhausted.  I think I’ll take a nap so I can make it through tonight’s free concert with Sam Billen and Cowboy Indian Bear on the lawn of Johnson County Community College.

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One thought on “Ride on!

  1. Brandon says:

    sounds like you deserve a break.

    Suggestion: On the weeks that you can’t post a new episode, go back in the fault and post a re-run.

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