Episode 78: More than a hundred miles away.

Best album cover ever.

While I pound my fist on the dashboard of context, some of my friends are still content to think their favorite bands are unique discoveries.

Take for instance, Bell and Sebastian.  While I dearly love (most of) Stuart Murdoch’s music and lyrics, it’s silly to pretend his music exists in a vacuum.  In fact, to do so would be to ignore his own liner notes referencing bands like Felt and Orange Juice.  Belle and Sebastian is so referential, playing a style that references the twee, 80s British independent rock and even The Zombies.  There is precedent for much of the band’s work, and I play a couple of those songs this week.

The Lilac Time and Field Mice just do it for me.  They take jangly guitars of R.E.M. and The Velvet Underground and add softer vocals.  Their records sound like they could’ve been recorded in my basement, yet have a timeless charm.

Anyway, it’s been another wild week here, but I managed to squeeze in some time to record another episode.  Enjoy.

  1. “Black Velvet” – The Lilac Time (Black Velvet single | Fontana | 1988)
  2. “September’s Not So Far Away” – Field Mice (September’s Not So Far Away single | Sarah | 1991)
  3. “Never Follow Suit” – The Radio Dept. (Clinging to a Scheme | Labrador | 2010)
  4. “Tried by 12 (Squarepusher remix)” – East Flatbush Project (Zen Cuts | Ninja Tune | 2000)
  5. “Eros” – Tortoise (Standards | Thrill Jockey | 2001)
  6. “Push Comes to Shove” – Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson (1980 | Arista | 1980)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #78 (5/13/11)

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